Key Largo EMS
About Us:


Chief – Donald Bock, EMT-P
KLVAC member since 1995, Monroe County Resident since 1970.
Tel: (305) 451-2766



1955: Band-aid Brigade” formed by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Key Largo Volunteer Fire Department.

1971: Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corps. incorporates.

1972: KLVAC becomes the first Volunteer Corps to be granted an ALS license.

1974: The Corps. moves into their new building (built by volunteers and members of the community with money from donations).

1980: The last check is written to pay off the mortgage on our new building.

1991: KLVAC becomes a hybrid system with paid paramedics & Volunteer EMTs/First Responders.

2004: New Crew quarters and ambulance bays are built on the north end of the station (with money from transfers & donations from the community).

2005: Monroe County gives KLVAC the deed to the land that our building sits on.

The Key Largo Fire Rescue & Emergency Medical Services District was born on June 8 2005 when Governor Bush approved Florida Statute 2005-329 that created the 68th Special Taxing District in the State of Florida.

Board of Directors:

President – Scott Robinson, EMT
Tel: (786) 586-6316

Treasurer – Tess Mara, EMT
Tel: (305) 451-2766

Dawn DeBrule:
Tel: (305) 394-7530

Jackie Silverman:
Tel: (305) 451-0311