Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corps.


The mission of the Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corps is to provide excellent professional and compassionate medical care for our community. KLVAC responds to more than 1200 ambulance calls a year with typically two ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulances, staffed with a minimum of one paramedic and one EMT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Values
  • Safety:  Safety in our Operations, and Safety in our Community through education and through leading by example.

  • Professionalism:  To be viewed in the eyes of our community as professionals both on and off duty.

  • Caring & Compassion:  Being supportive of our members, friends and neighbors through teamwork.

  • Advocacy:  Performing in the best interests of our patients, community, our corps and its members.

  • Progressive:  To be known as a quality organization focusing on training, mentoring best practices, and community relations.

  • Teamwork:  Through teamwork, there is no failure. We always look forward and learn from the past.


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  • Budget Time
    Once again, it is budget time. Chief Bock worked up a new budget and presented it to the District Board at our first workshop meeting. We are focusing on training, membership and recruitment, a new ambulance (long overdue) and on updates and improvements to the computer generated run report program so we can get that up and running. If you have any other ideas, please email Betsy and she’ll forward your comments to the committee.

  • Training
    Ronnie Fell, our new Director of Training, is working hard at getting a training schedule ready to distribute to the membership. We are trying to provide the Corps. with better training, more varied instructors, and more topics to promote a progressive Corps.! If you have any subjects or topics you think would be of value to the Corps. for training, contact Ronnie.

  • New Members
    We had several new members who have joined the Corps in recent months. Please take time to introduce yourself, and help them with any issues or questions they may have.

  • As always, thanks in advance for helping!


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  • We are trying to provide the Corps. with better training, more varied instructors, and more topics to promote a progressive Corps. Dr. Steed will be here this Tuesday to address the Corps. Please be there! I am sure that this will be a great training!


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  • Meetings will be held at 6:30 PM every Tuesday of each month as follows:  Business meeting to be held on the second Tuesday, training meetings to be held on the first and third Tuesday. Meetings on the  fourth and fifth Tuesday of each month will be limited to any issues requiring special attention by the Board of Directors and will be noticed on this website.

  • Click here for a complete list of meetings.

New Members

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  • We had a bunch of new members who have joined the Corps. Please take time to introduce yourself, and help them with any issues or questions they may have.

  • Most of the new members are currently running as first responders and are not EVOC'd, so the more you help them, the more they'll be able to help on the trucks in an emergency. This includes going over the trucks, showing them our equipment and its operation, and showing them how to get the trucks ready for service after a call. As always, thanks in advance for helping!

History of KLVAC

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. . .

“Band-aid Brigade” formed by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Key Largo Volunteer Fire Department.
1971 . . . Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corps. incorporates.
1972 . . .

KLVAC becomes the first Volunteer Corps to be granted an ALS license.

1974 . . .

The Corps. moves into their new building (built by volunteers and members of the community with money from donations).

1980 . . .

The last check is written to pay off the mortgage on our new building.

1991 . . . KLVAC becomes a hybrid system with paid paramedics & Volunteer EMTs/First Responders.
2004 . . .

New Crew quarters and ambulance bays are built on the north end of the station (with money from transfers & donations from the community).

2005 . . .

Monroe County gives KLVAC the deed to the land that our building sits on.

The Key Largo Fire Rescue & Emergency Medical Services District was born on June 8, 2005 when Governor Bush approved Florida Statute 2005-329 that created the 68th Special Taxing District in the State of Florida.

Read A Letter From Karen Beal About late KLVAC volunteer Doris Kempt

CPR Classes

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To register, please print out this PDF document, complete all of the required forms, and email back to, mail it, fax it or drop it off at the station. (Click here for contact/location information.) A course administrator will get back with you to confirm class dates and times.

$50 for New Certification
$25 for Refresher Certification
Pay Online
For your convenience, you can pay for your classes right here.
$50 (New Certication)
$25 (Refresher Cert.)

Links Of Interest

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New Equipment

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  • Among our latest equipment are 2 state-of-the-art Stryker hydraulic stretchers, and 2 Autopulse compression devices. We are very proud of having them on board.



• Innovative battery powered hydraulic system raises and lowers the patient with the touch of a button
• Easy to use manual back-up system provides complete cot operation in the event of power loss
• Foot end mounted DEWALT™ Battery System is accessible and easily changed in any situation
• Retractable head section allows cot to be shortened in any height position for maximum versatility
• Exclusive automatic high speed retract feature reduces load and unload times



The only device of its kind, the ZOLL® AutoPulse® is a revolutionary non-invasive cardiac support pump that moves more blood,2,3,4 more consistently than is possible with human hands. Easy to use and battery operated, its load-distributing LifeBand® squeezes the entire chest. As a result, victims receive consistent, high-quality compressions that deliver improved blood flow. AutoPulse also minimizes no-flow time. It allows rescuers to provide compressions while performing other life-saving activities, or while transporting a victim down the stairs or in the back of a moving ambulance.


Our Response Time

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  • Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corps responds to 92% of all of its calls in 8 minutes or less with an average response time of 4.64 minutes in 2006 (read complete PDF)


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All application for admission to the CORPS should be submitted in to the Office Manager at the Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Building, 98600 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037, Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 PM., or faxed to the building at (305) 451-1562. In addition, applications can be presented in person to the board during the CORPS monthly business meeting on the First Tuesday of month at 6:30 PM, upstairs at the KLVAC building. (Print Application Form)

All applications will be reviewed for:

  • Training & Credentialing: All candidates must submit copies of current training/credentialing & Valid BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR Certification Cards (KLVAC can provide this class if your CPR card has expired).
  • Valid Drivers License: Driver’s license records will be reviewed for Suspensions, Revocations, and for charges of excessive moving violations.
  • Proof of Automobile Insurance: All applicants/members must maintain automobile insurance to run with KLVAC.
  • Criminal Background Checks: Candidates with Felony Convictions or Misdemeanors involving Moral Interpetude may be denied membership with our organization. Applicants with criminal past backgrounds history can appeal to the board for special consideration.

Please include copies of your driver’s license, EMT License or First Responder Certification, Automobile Insurance, CPR Card, Emergency Vehicle Operations Certificate (EVOC) if your have one, the signed Background Check Authorization form, and your signed Application in order to expedite your admission into the CORPS.

Once your application is reviewed/approved by the Chief/Operations Manager, the EMT Supervisor will be notified, and you will be contacted to sign-up for shifts.

Applications will be accepted at any time but are only held on file for three months.

(Print Application Form)


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Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corps. is a 501 C(3) (a,b,c,d) Corporation, and all donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made to the Corps. for general expenses or your can earmark your donation for specific applications.

Registration #CH18328

A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of Consumer Services by calling 1-800-435-7352 within the State. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.

What Your Donations Have Done:
1. Equipment
2. Training Classes
3. Building & Classroom
4. Scholarships

All donations are tax deductible. We thank you in advance for supporting KLVAC!


Classes / Training

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  • Florida Keys Community College
    EMT Class (Upper Keys)

    Brenda Beckmann, EMT-P, RN; Lead Instructor
    (305) 451-2766 (office)
    (305) 393-0930 (cell)

    Kay Cullen, EMT-P; Adjunct Instructor

    (305) 942-7961 (cell)

    Class Monday & Thursday Evenings at the Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Building, upstairs classroom, from 6:30 to 10:30 PM.
  • CPR Classes (Click here for more details)

Board of Directors

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Photos of KLAC in Action

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Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Phone:   (305) 451-2766
98600 Overseas Highway Fax:   (305) 451-1562
Key Largo, Florida 33037 Email:


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